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agăpe is a new tableware collection with a twist; mixing tradition with today’s ways of sharing a meal with your loved-ones. Dare to mix these playful pieces with grandma’s ceramic or your Swedish china. There is no shame in it! The rules of engagement are changing, and agăpe, with its attractive and functional pieces, helps you adapt to the new times; saving you time and space, nourishing your – and your guests’ – most creative side.

Fit all-in-one pieces that easily adapt to your needs without taking much room in your cupboard, waiting for their shining moment at your table. 50% work of art, 50% everyday object; the salad bowl doubles as a soup vessel, a bowl that becomes a pedestal; a tray in the summer, a handhold in the winter… a set to mix and match, turn around and to look at.

Agape Hightlights



Soup/Salad bowl
Strong and libertine, brings soups and salads to your table like nobody's business. Her bosom tightly holds the four complementary pieces for storage optimization. 

Measurements: 25x25x17 cm
Colors: products/yellow products/blue


The goddess in your household excels at catering to your fancies. Its ergonomic double-fold design and its perimeter make it perfect for any occasion. 

Measurements: 15.7x15.7x5.8 cm
Colors: products/yello-white products/white-yellow products/blue-white products/white-blue

Julia Domna

The centerpiece in its own right: elegant and ambiguous. One side shows its two colors, while the other one chooses just one.
Heads or tails?

Measurements: 21x21x4.5 cm
Colors: products/yellow products/blue


Marble Tray
Neron becomes the center of attention at any given party. It's perfect to hold finger food sauces, and it's an excellent companion for Caracalla, Julius, and Messalina. 

Measurements: 22x22x1.8 cm
Colors: products/marble-dark products/marble-light


When accompanying Neron and Julia Domna, it metamorphoses into a cutting board or a display support. 

Measurements: 36x36x1.8 cm
Colors: products/wood


Small bowl
Caracalla brings the dressings to your table. Its open crown is an invitation to dip in, and enjoy.

Measurements: 8x8x3.4 cm
Colors: products/yellow products/blue


Marble bowl
Just as a pedestal from Ancient Rome, Julius raises your meal to a piece-of-art status. And just as easily, by putting it upside down, becomes a bowl.

Measurements: 12x12x7.4 cm
Colors: products/marble-dark products/marble-light


Meeting of the waters. Redefining the lines of the traditional brocca romana, this pitcher will bring color and elegance to your table. Holds: 1,2L / 2,5 pint

Measurements: 10x10x26 cm
Colors: 31/01/2018 products/blue


Oven tray
Never afraid of high temperatures, not even while baking gratin dauphinois. It knows how to keep its flow both in and out of the oven, joining the family at the table. 

Measurements: 35.7x24.3x7.5 cm
Colors: products/yellow products/blue


Set 1

Here comes Messalina to preside your table with Saturnus. They are welcomed by Vesta holding a lot inside, Julia Domna to spice things up, Julius and Neron for finger-licking good food, and Caracalla for a bit of dressing on top.
When the party is over Vesta, Julius, and Caracalla hide inside Messalina while Julia Domna covers them all. 

Set 2

Blue on white? White on Blue? Why choose? Take 2 Vesta of each home to play with the color combinations. Have an every-day meal or share a gourmet buffet with family and friends.
Not feeling blue?... Vesta also dresses in yellow. 

Set 3

Be it to complete the agăpe set, or to perk up your current tableware, Rubicon and Pompeii bring that extra "je ne sais quoi" to any table.
Water serving will never be the same... and bringing food to the table directly from the oven will be a fashion statement.


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